Whose phone is this?

Whose phone is this?

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It’s everyone’s phone! We share desks nowadays and – using Extension Mobility – you can log into any desk phone and make it yours. But can we also make Extension Mobility more userfriendly? Without such an inconvenient username and PIN?

The answer is yes! RSconnect offers three ‘one-click Extension Mobility’ solutions:

Option 1: Active Login App

Using this app, users can easily log in to desk phones using a QR code.

Userfriendly Extension Mobility: Via tha app the user scans the QR code and the deskphone is loaded with the user's settings

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Option 2: Active Login Manager

The Active Login Manager (ALM) offers automatic login for desk phones based on the user’s presence.

Userfriendly extension Mobility: As soons as the user's computer is activated, the associated deskphone is loaded with the user's settings.

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Option 3: Business Connector

Our Business Connector integrates the Unified Communications system with the customer’s workspace reservation software. If a user checks into a flexible desk, the Business Connector automatically configures the associated desk phone for that user.

Extension Mobility is automatically activated by the workdesk reservation software and the Business Connector

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