Case study: Personalized IP phones for flexible workspaces

Case study: Personalized IP phones for flexible workspaces

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For an international law firm, RSconnect realized personalized IP phones for their flexible workspaces. By implementing a real-time connection between the workplace management software and the unified communications platform, the phone at an employee’s flexible workspace is automatically configured with their personal settings.



The customer context

The company implemented a ‘hybrid working’ strategy with flexible workspaces. Using a state-of-the-art EMS workspace management platform, an employee can claim an available meeting room or workspace. The meeting rooms are equipped with TD-1050 Panel PCs, and each workspace contains a TD-350 Smart Device. These panel PCs and devices are linked to the EMS software and show the current status (free, occupied, reserved).

In this case, the flexible workspaces are equipped with these Qbic 3.5" Desk Booking Panel PC's

Flexible workspaces are equipped with these Qbic 3.5″ Panel PC’s

By swiping a personal key card over a panel pc or smart device, each employee can check in to one of the available rooms or workspaces.

Customer demand: IP phones for flexible workspaces

The company also equipped meeting rooms and workspaces with IP phones. An essential requirement was that each phone will be configured with his personal telephone number, settings, and contacts as soon as the employee checks in at a workplace.

However, that is technically complex. For example, market leader Cisco offers so-called Extension Mobility. However, this works with a manual registration procedure in which the user must always log in with a username and PIN code. The user must also log out manually upon departure. As part of their workplace management tool, our customer required a fully automated solution. The RSconnect Business Connector turned out to be the solution for this.

Automatic activation of IP phones.

As soon as an employee checks in with his key card on the panel PC to register at a workplace or meeting room, the planning system is informed. The planning system then typically sends a request to our Business Connector. The Business Connector is linked to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) – the core platform of the unified communications network – and immediately loads the associated IP telephone with the applicable personal settings. So, the employee can immediately use his own number, contact details and other features. And when the user checks out from the workplace at the end of the session, another notification is sent to the Business Connector which then releases the extension.

Benefits of this solution

  • Organizations can provide their employees with a personalized workplace, including an IP telephone with their own personal number, contact list, and settings.
  • The solution can be extended with optional functionality. For example, if someone is not checked in at a workspace, incoming calls are automatically routed to one’s mobile phone
  • The solution makes your desktop phones safe and compliant with your data protection policies. Phones never remain ‘open and unattended’ so the risk of unauthorized outgoing calls or copying personal address lists is gone.
  • Your own IT team can roll out the solution quickly and without technical challenges. The RSconnect Business Connector hides the CUCM and network complexity from your IT staff and guarantees fast and seamless connection to your workplace management software.

More information

Do you want to know more about our Business Connector capabilities and how to personalize your flexible workspaces? Please contact us for more information about this solution.

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