Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager for Cisco IP networks

The Inventory Manager for Cisco IP networks is a server-based application which periodically scans up to 10.000 different Cisco switches in a network. As such, the Inventory Manager dynamically generates a network map for use in network (management) applications where the physical relationship between the Cisco network topology and devices plays a role.

Example: Cisco IP phone mapping for Single Sign-On

An example is the use of the Inventory Manager in certain deployment scenarios of our ALM Single Sign-On application. In order to create a mapping between Cisco IP phones in the network and attached computers, laptops or thin clients, the Inventory Manager periodically scans the network and creates the mapping. This mapping ensures that each time someone starts his or her laptop, the right IP phone in the network is associated to that user.

This functionality is required when there is no direct LAN connection between computer and IP Phone. But also when VDI, CITRIX, Container Based Virtualizations (CBV) or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) are used or when it is required to minimize the IP Phone detection time.

Deployment of the Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager software is remotely deployed by one of our installation experts on a server in your IT domain. The installation covers a set of well-documented steps and typically takes no more than 30 minutes.