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Company profile

About RSconnect

RSconnect started its activities in 2006. A group of highly qualified experts in the field of VoIP, Unified Communications and network security teamed up to develop the first version of the Active Login Manager software. This innovative product solves a serious problem in today’s Unified Communication solutions. VoIP and Unified Communications technology often allow people to work from any IP telephone. People simply log into the telephone on their temporary desk. After that they can use the phone with their own extension number and with their own user profiles and settings. However, it also means that people have to remember another password again. This time for their desktop telephones.

The impact of this is quite predictable. On the one hand, people forget their passwords and an increase of helpdesk queries will be reported about employees asking for their Extension Mobility passwords. On the other hand, and that’s often the case if people for a longer period use the same desk and telephone, people simply ‘forget’ to log out, so they don’t have to log in again the next morning. Very user friendly, but also a serious security risk.

RSconnect flagship product: Active Login Manager

RSconnect key product, the Active Login Manager, addresses this particular problem. The software provides a Single Sign On solution that automatically activates the desktop IP telephone as soon as a user logs into the corporate network via his computer, laptop or tablet. So, wherever in the company buildings a user opens his laptop, the telephone besides him will automatically have his extension number, his features and his profile.

From 2006 RSconnect developed the Active Login Manager from the first beta versions towards the mature and successful product it is today, used by numerous business customer and public organizations all over the world.

ALM closely follows Cisco Call Manager roadmap

Developments in Unified Communications go fast. The ALM software roadmap has always been on top of the latest versions of Cisco Call Manager software, and has delivered many innovations over the last decennium, as illustrated by the RSconnect roadmap summary below:

In 2006 the first version of the Active Login Manager software was released. The ALM supported at that time Cisco CallManager 3 and 4.

In 2007 RSconnect launched Release 2 of the Active Login Manager. The ALM functionality has been extended towards CallManager 5 functionality.

In the 2008 – 2010 timeframe the software was further developed to support consecutive versions of the Cisco CallManager up to and including version 8. Also support for Cisco presence functions, Microsoft office communicator and the use of multiple profiles have become part of the core ALM product.

In 2011 a major new version of the ALM software has been released. Security of the software has been improved significantly by the introduction of both Active Directory authentication and HTTPS between the ALM client and the VoIP devices. Many new Cisco telephones were added to the list of supported devices.

The 2012 Beta release of the advanced ALM PRO+ software has been tested with a major customer in the medical market. As a result of the ongoing efforts and quality, RSconnect was certified as a Cisco select partner.

The official 2013 release of the ALM PRO+ product supported CallManager 8 and 9. The software from now on also provides reporting capabilities about the use of each device and the Extension Mobility features. Also the support of Extension Mobility CrossCluster (EMCC) has been implemented.

In 2014 ALM PRO+ has been further developed towards a full Extension Mobility management tool. The reporting facilities of the PRO+ software now include workspace utilization metrics. Again RSconnect was world first in the area of Extension Mobility SSO when the support of Windows 10 was announced, as well as different virtualization options like VMWare, XenApp, XenDesktop and TerminalServices. Also the AXL/SOAP support was developed further in order to support CUPS.

Besides the support for CallManager 10, from 2015 onwards it has also been possible to log into an IP telephone without a direct connection between computer and VoIP Telephone.

Worldwide customer delivery and support

Our success has been recognized by the market. While the core ALM software can be deployed without any on-site assistance, customers often implement it as part of a bigger solution or migration project. In these cases the software is delivered through specialized Value Added Resellers and system integrators. Our network of specialized resellers has grown substantially over the years. Where RSconnect signed their first Reseller contract in 2008 with a local reseller in the UK, today the company has resellers all over Europe, in the US as well as Africa, Asia and Australia.

Our reseller network is illustrative for our worldwide coverage. The Active Login Manager has been deployed at numerous companies in five continents. Our customers vary from SME sized companies to large multinational organizations. Smaller deployments are below 100 users, but Active Login Manager deployments typically count several thousands to even over 10.000’s of licenses. We serve commercial customers in a variety of market segments, as well as public organizations and institutes.

RSconnect outlook: from SSO to Extension Mobility Management

As illustrated by the RSconnect portfolio developments in the recent years, the introduction of the PRO+ functionality was a major stepping stone in the development. Where the original Active Login Manager focus on the Single Sign On support for IP Telephones, the PRO+ functionality starts to use the information about users logging into the network to build statistical reports about network utilization and mobility patterns. ALM PRO+ represents the evolution from a Single Sign On tool for Extension Mobility towards a full ‘Extension Mobility Management’ tool.

RSconnect is a Cisco Partner