ALM: Userfriendly login for Extension Mobility



Active Login Manager (ALM) is the Single Sign-On solution for Cisco desktop telephones. Users can log into their desktop phone without typing their Extension Mobility username and PIN via the numeric keypad of the Cisco IP telephone. If they start their laptop or another device, the associated desktop telephone is automatically loaded with their settings.

Not just easy log on, also secure log off

The login process is fully automated by ALM. In addition, the solution improves the usability of your Cisco IP Phone Extension Mobility by controlling the log on and log off process. ALM will automatically log off the connected phone at selected events, e.g. when the PC is locked or when the screensavers starts. The user or its administrator has the option to customize the ALM behavior.

Extension Mobility

ALM uses Cisco’s Extension Mobility. This functionality is available within every Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager) version. ALM can be used within every Cisco Unified Communications network, since it makes use of existing API’s.

Key benefits

The three key advantages of ALM software for Cisco IP Telephony are:

  • Reachability:  ALM makes it easy to check one’s status for e.g. attendants and receptionists on the internal telephone lists, within Microsoft Office Communicator Server (OCS) and Live Communications Server (LCS) networks.
  • Security: Your business telephony will become more secure by preventing unauthorized phone calls.
  • Flexibility: You can leave and enter your desk without having to worry about access to your desk phone.


ALM Pro is a client-only application so there is no need to add or invest in new (server) hardware. Deployment of ALM to your existing network is fully scriptable. Configuration of the software is therefore an easy task. To even further simplify the management of large-scale installations, the RSconnect Application Manager is available.

Free trial

Want to experience these benefits yourself? Try our ALM Pro 30 days for free. With our 30 Day Free Trial you will be able to test all functionalities of ALM Pro.

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Optional Inventory Manager

ALM also supports Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, Container Based Virtualizations, Remote Desktop Services and wifi-based phones. The default solution where the ALM client on a computer automatically detects an associated IP phone via a direct LAN connection, is not applicable in these cases. Therefore, ALM can be bundled with the RSconnect Inventory Manager add-on. The Inventory Manager automatically scans the network and maintains a mapping file of connected computers and desktop phones. This mapping information is then used by ALM to load automatically end user profiles to the appropriate telephones.

ALM Pro, Express and for Cloud Communications

ALM is available in three versions:

  • ALM Pro is the version for on premise Cisco CUCM deployments and removes the need to manually log on and log off from your Cisco IP Phone.
  • ALM Express is the SSO solution for on premise Cisco CallManager Express (CME) solutions. It has the same SSO capabilities as ALM PRO but is specifically designed for CME.
  • ALM for Cloud Communications providers (ALM4CC) is our ALM solution for all service providers offering cloud-based Cisco VoIP and Unified Communications. They can integrate ALM into their Cisco HCS (Hosted Collaboration Service) and offer it as a supplementary service to multiple customers.

Check the feature comparison table below for the differences

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