ALM Pro+

ALM Pro+


ALM Pro+: Enterprise Single Sign-On, Dashboard and Reporting

The ALM Pro+ is a client-server solution which adds additional reporting and management features to the ALM Pro functionality.

Central management console

The ALM Pro+ management console is a web based Enterprise Single Sign-on Application which co-operates with the ALM Pro client software. The main features of the ALM management console are:

  • Manage ALM profiles and users
  • Manage ALM client features and permissions
  • Manage ALM license usage and renewal
  • Display Reports and export statistics and data
  • Manage workspace inventory and report on desk space and office space usage


Enterprise SSO reporting

ALM Pro+ provides reports on the use of the ALM Pro client, hence the Cisco IP Phone usage of your employees. This gives your company valuable insights into phone and desk space usage and can reveal wrong phone configurations.

Several reports are supported and the data can be exported in different formats for further processing or customized reports.


Key benefits

ALM Pro+ manages all ALM Pro users from a central location. This is especially useful for Enterprises managing 1000+ Single Sign-On workspaces or having multiple office locations.


Manage Single Sign-On profiles across your Enterprise

ALM Pro+ has multiple options to manage and report both groups and individual users. You can create groups for office locations, departments, job functions or combinations of these.



ALM Pro+ is hosted within your company environment. Deployment of ALM is efficiently done by our engineers on your own premises. You are in full control and it allows you to incorporate ALM Pro+ into your regular ICT maintenance processes. The installation of the server can be done remotely.

License Management

ALM Pro+ also adds the function of advanced license management and maintenance to ALM Pro instances. ALM Pro+ allows an administrator to import and load a new license files and deploy this within the organization automatically. A specific license file can also be deployed to a specific group or location. Reports can be generated on the amount of licenses currently in use and by which user.





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