Extension Mobility SSO for Terminal Servers, Remote Desktops and thin clients

Thin-client computing, desktop virtualization, cloud based services or software-as-a-service (SaaS) all refer to the basic concept of only having limited local resources, which are primarily for processing image data or desktop images.

The Operating System and the applications being used do not run on the local client. They run on a remote server or multiple servers in a data center somewhere on this earth. The concept allows a user to work the same as he would have a full personal computer.

Automatic login for Extension Mobility

The ALM software for Automatic login on a Cisco telephone typically needs a physical connection between the client and the Phone. Since no client software can be installed on a thin client, the standard ALM software didn’t support thin clients.

Single Sign On for Extension Mobility on thin clients

This problem has been solved by RSconnect, and the current version of ALM can work within a Terminal Server or Remote Desktop environment. ALM can read the information from:

  • a local configuration
  • a local inventory file
  • an inventory file stored in a network location

ALM also co-operates with ALM Inventory Manager (ALM IM), an application that dynamically generates an inventory file.

ALM Pro: Check
ALM Pro+: Check
ALM Express: Dash

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