Cisco Unified Presence (Cisco Jabber) support

How to configure Jabber Follow-me to mobile phone

Presence is the term used to indicate the actual communication status of a user. What is his actual status and can he be reached via a specific device?

Problems with Cisco Presence and Extension Mobility

Cisco Presence with Cisco Personal Communicator or Cisco Jabber does not work well when using Cisco Extension Mobility. The status of the user does not get updated if the users logs out of the desk phone. Also when the user logs back in to the desk phone the Cisco client software is not always updated properly.

By using ALM this problem is solved, because ALM will maintain a link with the EM status of the user and the presence status on the CUPS Server. Therefore the user status is always accurate and never out of sync.

ALM Control Screen in Jabber

Control Screen for ALM-Jabber integration


The ALM function is fully integrated into the Jabber Client. Using a Custom Tab on Jabber, the user opens an ALM control screen where he can either log in or log out his desktop phone. Using the ALM control screen, we combine the automatic phone detection capability of ALM and Jabber functionality to (de)activate that phone with a single button.

This ALM control screen can be customized using logo’s and customized texts and can easily be integrated into the company’s own website, CRM system or Contact Center Application (like Cisco Agent Desktop or Finesse). So, employees can easily log into or log out from their phone via their business application of choice.






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