Forward Jabber calls to mobile phone (Automatic, follow-me)

Forward Jabber calls to mobile phone (Automatic, follow-me)

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Are your employees suddenly forced to work from home? And use Cisco Jabber at home? Fortunately, they are not tied to their desks. Our Forwarding Assistant automatically forwards Jabber calls to their mobile phones.



Cisco Jabber and Call Forwarding

In these disruptive times, many people are working from home. Cisco Jabber, the feature-rich Unified Communications application, is an excellent tool for this. However, working from home does not mean that people work full-time behind their computer. So, it would be excellent if Jabber calls can be forwarded to people’s e.g. mobile phone.

In the Cisco Jabber client it is possible to set call forwarding of incoming calls to another phone number. However, that is a manual step which must be configured. There is no function which automatically detects that you de-activate your Jabber client and by default forwards incoming calls to a pre-configured phone number. How easy would it be if there was a follow-me function? Where Jabber calls are automatically forwarded to one’s mobile phone.

Forwarding Assistant adds to Jabber a Follow-me feature

That is exactly what the RSconnect Forwarding Assistant adds to Jabber. The Call Forwarding Assistant is a smart client application on the user’s computer which works in conjunction with the Cisco CUCM and the Jabber client. It can easily be configured by clicking on the application icon and works as follows:

  • When the computer with the Jabber client is active, incoming calls are routed to their default destination, typically the Jabber softphone.
  • As soon as the user’s computer switches into standby/switched-off, calls will be automatically redirected to a preconfigured alternative destination number, for example his mobile.
  • Most important, different forwarding destinations can be configured for various situations.

So, where in the basic Jabber functionality each forwarding needs manual activation, the Call Forwarding Assistant makes this a fully configurable and automated function.

forwarding assistent for Jabber call forwarding and Follow-me

Jabber + Forwarding Assistant: Follow-me for Jabber

So, using the Forwarding Assistant of RSconnect, you essentially add a follow-me function to Jabber. You can use Jabber on your computer. And when leaving your desk, calls are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone or another predefined destination number.

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