Remote call forwarding for Cisco phones?

Remote call forwarding for Cisco phones?

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Are your office employees suddenly forced to work from home? While customers and other people still call your office deskphones? RSconnect Forwarding Assistant is your solution



Basic call forwarding is not a solution

Just manually forwarding all calls (aka as ‘call forwarding unconditional’) is hardly a solution. Helpdesk teams, part-time staff, and other people with joint responsibilities need a more flexible solution. A solution in which call routing depends on day of week, time of day or just someone being present or not. What you need is a remote call forwarding solution. And indeed, that is not a default feature in most business communication systems of phones.

The solution: RSconnect Forwarding Assistant

Using our remote call Forwarding Assistant you can support your staff at home with all necessary forwarding options. Both manual as well as automatic:

  • Manual remote call forwarding: in our software, people can configure when calls are routed to their e.g. mobile phone. Or when they are offline and calls should terminate to voicemail or another person or group number.
  • Automatic call forwarding: by monitoring one’s computer (or laptop), forwarding of calls can be done based on the computer status. Is for example your laptop active? Calls are routed to your smartphone. Is your computer locked? Calls are automatically forwarded to your fixed phone’s voicemail or to a colleague.

forwarding assistent for reroute cisco desphones to smartphone

Easy installation

The Forwarding Assistant can be easily installed and configured on the end-user’s computer. It is a smart client-only application. You click the icon to configure the required scenarios and activate forwarding. We can also provide you with a tool for large-scale deployments.

Check our remote call forwarding solution

Keep remote control over your desktop telephones. Contact us for more information.

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