Single Sign-On for Cisco Extension Mobility

The Cisco Extension Mobility feature, also called hoteling, allows you to temporarily configure another IP Phone as your own by logging in to that phone. Once you’ve logged in, the phone adopts your own profile information, including telephone number, dial permissions, call forwards etc. It is useful for staff who regularly work in different locations, or for temporarily making and receiving your phone calls in a meeting room.

Benefits of Extension Mobility

The benefits of Extension Mobility include:

  • Improved user-experience
  • Reduced cost of office space
  • Better reachability for flexdesk employees


How to configure Cisco Extension Mobility?

Call Manager Extension mobility functionality extends to most Cisco Unified IP Phones. You can configure each Cisco Unified IP Phone to support Cisco Call Manager Extension Mobility by using the Default Device Profile window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager Administration).
This allows users who do not have a user device profile for a particular Cisco Unified IP Phone to use Cisco Extension Mobility with that phone model.

Available in:

ALM Pro: Check
ALM Pro+: Check
ALM Express: Check

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