Desk reservation software and desk phones management

Desk reservation software and desk phones management

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Do you offer desk reservation solutions for hybrid flex-office environments? We can extend flex-desk environments with business telephony by combining desk reservation systems with RSconnect desk phone management solutions.

Extension Mobility in flex-desk environments

In many organizations, desk phones are still popular and sometimes even mandatory. For example, in some petrochemical companies, mobile phones are not allowed. However, this causes an issue in flex-office environments. If an employee checks in at a random flex desk, the associated desk phone usually is not by itself configured with the employee’s directory number, contact list, calling rights and other features.

To solve this, many corporate telecom providers offer so-called mobility features (Cisco Extension Mobility is a leading example). Using such features, a user can log into a desk phone, and the corporate telecom network automatically loads the user’s profile. As a result, the user can be called via his own number, make calls using his own address book and check his voicemails.

It is a helpful feature in flex-office environments. Unfortunately, the login procedure is often rather cumbersome. Typing a username (often someone’s email address) and a PIN or password via a rudimentary telephone keypad is far from easy and a severe obstacle to using the feature.

RSconnect proposition: userfriendly Extension Mobility

The RSconnect Active Login Manager PRO application (ALM) removes that obstacle. ALM offers automatic login functionality for desktop phones and conference sets in flexible office environments.

Each time the user activates his computer, the ALM software detects this and automatically sends a user profile login request to the telecom network and the associated phone. As a result, a username and password are no longer necessary and the user can immediately make and receive calls. And as soon as the computer is deactivated again (switched off, logged out, or locked) at the end of a ‘working session’, the ALM software resets the phone back to the default configuration and is securely logged off and ready for the following user.

Synergy desk reservation systems and RSconnect software

So, we offer both interesting – but isolated – propositions to flex-office organizations:

  • You, as a desk reservation solution provider, take care that users are always equipped with the right flex desk at the right time.
  • As RSconnect, we provide user-friendly Extension Mobility to enable desk phones in flex-office environments.

What is interesting, is that we can combine our offerings into a much stronger joint proposition:

  • To offer user-friendly Extension Mobility, RSconnect uses so-called presence information. We combine the user’s computer status, location information and network connectivity status to determine the associated desk phone. A rather complicated solution, while your workplace management software always knows exactly which user uses which desk at which moment. Working together would make our Extension Mobility solution more robust and accurate.
  • At the same time, desk reservation solutions typically don’t include desk phone facilities, they are fully separated offerings. Incorporating desk phone management into workplace management would introduce a competitive edge, and it could also be positioned as a premium feature.

So, together we have a more advanced offering in which both partners have a distinctive role:

  • The desk reservation software will entirely manage which users will use which desks, meeting rooms, and fixed-line phones.
  • RSconnect is responsible for the technical association of users to the associated desk phones. All technical complexities and networking details in the telecom network are hidden from your desk reservation software and organized by our RSconnect Business Connector, which can seamlessly be integrated with your workspace management software.

Desk reservation software and desk phones management

Desk reservation solution case

A law firm implemented a ‘hybrid working’ strategy with flexible workspaces. Managed by the workplace management platform, an employee can schedule a meeting room or workspace or occupy ad hoc an available desk. All meeting rooms and flex desks are equipped with smart devices which are linked to the workplace management software and show the facility’s current status (free, occupied, reserved). By swiping a personal key card over a device, an employee can check into one of the available facilities.

The company has equipped desks with desk phones. The desk reservation software is informed as soon as an employee checks in at a workplace or meeting room. The planning system then sends a request to our Business Connector. The Business Connector links to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) – the core platform of the unified communications network – and immediately loads the associated IP telephone with the applicable personal settings. So, the employee can directly use his own number, contact details, and other features. And when the user checks out from the workplace after the session, a notification is sent to the Business Connector, which then releases the extension.

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