Office hoteling software and deskphone management

Office hoteling software and deskphone management

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Our ALM software and office hoteling software make a powerful combination. People can choose a desk, open their laptop and immediately use the telephone on that desk. There is no need to log into that desktop telephone manually. As soon as one logs into the computer, they have also automatically logged into the associated telephone.

Flex-office or hoteling

Many of our customers use the software in call centre environments. They also use it in offices where people frequently work from different desks or a meeting room. But, interestingly, our software is commonly used in so-called office hoteling. Let’s have a brief look at this concept since it covers far more than just sharing desks.

The Hoteling concept

Hoteling is a concept in which people don’t ‘own’ a desk anymore but reserve a desk or cubicle in an office building daily. It is often referred to as ‘reservation-based unassigned seating.’ People make a reservation for a desk in advance before they arrive. Hot-desking, where employees just come and pick an available desk, is also popular.

Benefits of hoteling

Hoteling has a number of benefits:

  • Most often, the only benefit mentioned is the reduction of real estate costs. And indeed. In business environments where people work at different locations during the week, work part-time, or often work from home, it would be a waste of money to give them a fixed desk which is empty most of the time.
  • However, there is more. Also, the possibility of having different types of desks for various tasks (writing, phone calls, discussion) is very worthwhile. Also, the chance to collaborate at your desk with people from different teams or departments during the week can have significant benefits for a company.

Office hoteling software or hot desking solutions

What do you need as a company to organize this? Today, advanced office hoteling software solutions make it perfectly easy for employees to check the available seats and reserve one. At the same time, these office hoteling software solutions are entirely integrated into the back office. For example, to give insights into the desk occupation or to seamlessly cooperate with employee registration tools. Companies like EMS software offer these types of office hoteling solutions.

Screenshot of EMS office hoteling software

Example of office hoteling software solution (source: EMS)

RSconnect tools for office hoteling software

RSconnect has multiple solutions to support your hoteling operations:

  1. Our Active Login Manager supports the use of desktop telephones by automatic login to these telephones.
  2. Using our RSconnect BusinessConnector, we can integrate office hoteling software and our ALM software. If someone reserves a desk, his or her phone settings are automatically uploaded for the reserved timeslot.
  3. Our Active Login Manager Pro Plus solution provides analytical reports about the actual desktop usage, based on the statistics received from the telephony infrastructure.

Together with today’s office hoteling software solutions they make a complete solution for hoteling or hot desking

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