Office workspace planning during and after Covid-19

Office workspace planning during and after Covid-19

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Using our RSconnect Analytics and Reporting Manager you can actively monitor the use of your current office workspace. Using our analytics and statistics, organizations can effectively plan their office space during and after the current Covid office lockdown periods.



Corona impact on office workspace requirements

The covid-19 pandemic had a clear and immediate impact on the office workspace use. Last year, many employees were forced to work from home, full time or at least for a substantial part of their time. Something which initially was considered as a temporary measure, but soon companies started to realize that there wouldn’t be a ‘back to normal’. As Deloitte for example concluded in a report about the impact of COVID-19 on office space usage in the Middle East in November 2020:

“Work from Home (WFH) policies are expected to become more flexible with 75% of the respondents saying their company is expected to have some form of WFH policy in the next 12 months. By comparison, only 20% of the respondents had a WFH policy before COVID-19 restrictions came into effect.”

So, many organizations currently study their post-covid WFH policies. A real challenge since this policy may differ per organization and depends on the business model and business processes. A policy which cannot be planned entirely top-down. Working practices evolve ‘on the floor’ and we need real workspace usage data. What will be during the week the peak-days or even peak-hours. And are there also peak periods, for example at the end of each quarter when management reports or budgets have to be prepared signed off? And what are the top-locations and is it for example necessary that specific teams need to sit together.

How to collect these data?

Unfortunately, using interviews and surveys are a costly, complex and time-consuming task. While also the quality of the answers is questionable. However, in flexible office environments people share desks and many organizations have these desks equipped with desktop telephones. Using our ALM feature, Cisco business telephones are automatically linked to the phone number of the employee which uses the flex desk. Which means that the network automatically registers which desk is used by which employee at which timeslots. Your business telephone network contains a data goldmine. The RSconnect Analytics and Reporting Manager provides access to this goldmine.

Analytics Reporting Manager RSconnect

Use ALM Analytics & Reporting to support your Work from Home planning.

The Analytics and Reporting Manager hides the complexity of collection data from your Unified Communications platform and network and create useful reports and analytics. Even for organizations with thousands workspaces in multiple office locations.

By analyzing the Cisco Extension Mobility users at flex-desks, your staff can make conclusions about the actual utilization of flex-office desks and provide the baseline data for your Work from Home planning in the current and post-Corona period.

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