Cisco VoIP SSO business benefits

Cisco VoIP SSO business benefits

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What are the Cisco VoIP SSO business benefits as offered by our ALM application. In this blog we highlight these benefits by showing the increased reachability, the improved security and flexibility.



Reachability of your staff

The reachability of your staff is substantially improved by inroducing SSO inside your Cisco VoIP network solution. It is one of the important Cisco VoIP SSO business benefits.

Easy login & logout

Employees are not reachable when: logged out but at their desk or logged in and not at their desk. When using the Single Sign-On software ALM, employees can login or logout their PC while their phone will automatically login or logout as well.

Reception desk can determine presence of employees

When employees forget to login, the reception desk will receive forwarded calls unexpectedly. When employees forget to logout, their phone will ring without anybody available to answer. ALM logs in or logs out an employee’s phone automatically and their presence status will always be up-to-date and call-forwarding will be accurate.

Telephony network security, an important Cisco VoIP SSO business benefits

Often, staff is less aware of the importance to treat desktop telephones with the same ‘sense of security’ as they do with their laptops. Single Sign-On for your Cisco telephony solution is a very relevant step to improve this.

Comply with government regulations

Governments, banks and insurance companies are required by law to apply the highest available security measurements in order to protect unauthorized phone usage. ALM Single Sign-On software automatically logs out when an employee’s PC is locked, shut down or at other configurable events. Providing another level of security, complying to government regulations and preventing unauthorized calls on the users phone.

Increased Flexibility thanks to the introduction of SSO

Also your business operations can become more flexible when Single Sign-On (SSO) for Cisco Unified Communications is introduced.

Simple deployment across the entire business

Most Single Sign-On software products require a central server and/or changes to the network configuration and/or permissions. This involves additional time, costs and complexity. By providing a fully automated setup wizard, including scripted roll-out capabilities there is no need for additional hardware and reducing time of implementation.

Totally customizable

Typically in large enterprises, different departments or job roles require different behaviour of Single Sign-On software, but custom software is expensive and not immediately available. ALM Single Sign-On provides fully customizable settings which can be set company wide, by department or even down to the individual. Employees (if given rights) can even personalize their own settings.

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