Support work from home
ALM Single Sign-On client for Extesion Mobility

Support work from home

We are living in very strange times. Covid-19 impacts the whole society and also the way people organize their work. For many people their home is their new office where we switch from one online meeting to the other. Recently, RSconnect added two very useful Forwarding Assistant smart use cases for your home-based employees:

  1. Remote call forwarding: Forwarding Assistant can automatically forward desktop calls to the right employee at home. This remote forwarding functionality can be manually invoked or pre-configured.
  2. Follow-me for Jabber: You can of course use Jabber on your computer at home. Leaving your desk? For a walk or whatever reason? Your Jabber calls are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone. Thanks to RSconnect.

Check these use cases via the links above. Use your Forwarding Assistant free trial to evaluate the functionality.