Fingerprint scanner login for EM
protect your phone when hotdesking

Fingerprint scanner login for EM

Immediate access to your Cisco Telephone using a fingerprint scanner? From now on that is possible.

Everyone who knows Cisco Extension Mobility also knows the complexity of the login procedure. Entering a username – often an email address or other long text string – and PIN on a numeric telephone keypad is complicated and inconvenient for the end-user.

Our Active Login Manager software removes the need to log in. When this Single Sign-On solution has been installed, the desktop telephone automatically logs in when a user starts up or unlocks his computer or laptop.

However, logging into the computer itself still requires a username and password. Every time the user leaves his desk and locks the computer, he has to enter the login credentials again on his return. Often many times a day.

Fingerprint scanner simplifies login

A fingerprint scanner is a real solution for this. Users can log into their computers or unlock them only using their fingerprint and nothing else.

RSconnect now has synchronized this fingerprint login functionality with the login for desktop telephones. Every time the computer is logged in using the fingerprint reader, the desktop telephone automatically logs in as well.

For a complete overview of our features and a free trial, please check the ALM product page.