Single Sign-On for Extension Mobility

ALM is our Single Sign-On solution for Cisco Unified Communications. Extension Mobility users don't have to login manually anymore. If they start their laptop, the associated desktop phone is automatically loaded with their settings

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Call Forwarding Assistent

The Call Forwarding Assistent makes call forwarding much smarter. You can now synchronise Call Forwarding with your laptop. When you work at your laptop, you'll receive calls on your desktop phone. Once you close your laptop, calls are automatically redirected to your mobile

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Application Manager

The Application Manager is a web-based console to manage profiles, users, features and licenses for end-user applications. The Application Manager provides IT staff with the necessary tools to efficiently manage large-scale deployments

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Analytics & Reporting Manager

The Analytics & Reporting Manager collects usage data of all deployed RSconnect applications. By combining these data with other (Cisco network) data, customer-specific reports and statistics can be generated

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Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager scans your Cisco switches and dynamically builds a ‘map’ of the network and the connected devices (e.g. phones, computers, laptops, printers). This map can be used as a baseline for customer-specific network management applications

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How it works

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Case studies

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