ALM Overview

ALM Overview

Single Sign-on Solutions

The Active Login Manager (ALM) is a Single Sign-On solution for Extension Mobility users. With ALM, it is no longer needed to enter an Extension Mobility username and pin code via the numeric keypad of the IP telephone on your desk. Instead, the login of your computer or laptop is synchronised with the telephone on your desk. If you start your computer, your IP telephone is logged in. If you shut-down or lock your computer, the IP phone is logged out. It is easy, secure and flexible.

There is a solution for CUCM deployments, there is a solution for the Call Manager Express (CME) implementations and there is a solution that includes management reporting functions.


ALM Pro is a smart software solution, which removes the need to manually log on and log off from your Cisco IP Phone. This process is fully automated by ALM Pro. Additionally ALM Pro adds more control to the log on and log off process, so it improves usability of your Cisco IP Phone Extension Mobility. ALM will simultaneously log off the connected phone at selected events, e.g. when the PC is locked or when the screensavers starts. The user or its administrator has the option to customize the ALM Pro behaviour.

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ALM Pro+

The ALM Pro+ management console is a web based Enterprise Single Sign-on Application, hosted within your company environment and collaborates with the ALM Pro client software.
ALM Pro+ allows your company to report on the usage of the ALM Pro client, hence the behaviour of your employees regarding Cisco IP Phone usage. This gives your company valuable insights into phone and desk space usage and can reveal wrong phone configurations.

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ALM Express

ALM Express is the SSO solution for Cisco CallManager Express (CME) solutions. It has the same capabilities as ALM PRO but is specifically designed for CME.

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