Solution overview
ALM is a smart software solution, which removes the need to manually log on and log off from your Cisco IP Phone. This process is fully automated by ALM. Additionally ALM adds more control to the log on and log off process, so it improves usability of your Cisco IP Phone Extension Mobility. ALM will simultaneously log off the connected phone at selected events, e.g. when the PC is locked or when the screensavers starts. The user or its administrator has the option to customize the ALM behaviour.

Extension Mobility – Hoteling – Hot desking – Free seating
ALM uses Cisco’s Extension Mobility, which is available within every Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version. By using standard communication methods, like open API’s based on XML for example, ALM can be used within every Cisco Unified Communications network.

Using ALM for CUCM
The three key advantages of ALM are prevention of toll-fraud, increasing security and improving reachability. Using ALM it is easier to check one’s status for e.g. attendants and receptionists on the internal telephone lists.
For more information read through the key-benefits of ALM

ALM Pro is a client-only application so there is no need to add or invest in new (server) hardware. Deployment of ALM to your existing network is fully scriptable so configuration of ALM is an easy task.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (also known as Cisco Unified CallManager or CUCM) is a call-processing application that enables Cisco servers to deliver key-system or hybrid PBX functionality for enterprise offices or large corporations.

CUCM also supports Cisco’s ExtensionMobility feature and from version 3 ALM Pro supports CUCM and EM.

ALM Pro supports CUCM version 3 and higher and all Cisco IP Phones suitable for EM in combination with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

ALM Pro supports the following features:

  • Extension Mobility client
  • Single-sign-on for Cisco Extension Mobility
  • Personalized user settings
  • Advanced admin settings
  • Advanced connectivity with WiFi networks
  • Log on phone when a user logs on to Windows, after a system restart or when the PC is unlocked
  • Log off phone when Windows shuts down
  • Log off phone when Windows is locked (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
  • Log off phone with a simple mouse click
  • Full support for Hibernate, Undock and Standby
  • Automatically detects any supported Cisco IP Phone
  • Windows system tray indicator showing status of ALM and phone
  • Export functions for user and admin settings for easy deployment
  • Support for Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Support for 32 (x86) and 64bit (x64) Windows Operating Systems
  • and much more …

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