Enterprise Reporting and more

Enterprise Reporting and more

ALM Pro+ Global reporting and management

ALM Pro+ is an addition to ALM Pro that adds Enterprise benefits to your application management and reporting. The ALM Pro+ management console is a web based Enterprise Single Sign-on Application, hosted within your company environment and collaborates with the ALM Pro client software. By using this application you will gain the following benefits:

ALM Pro+ allows your company to report on the usage of the ALM Pro client, hence the behavior of your employee regarding Cisco IP Phone usage. This provides your company with valuable insights into phone and desk space usage and can reveal wrong phone configurations

ALM Pro+ adds the flexibility of managing it all from a central location, especially useful for Enterprises managing 1000+ Single Sign-On workspaces or having multiple office locations

ALM Pro+ has several options to manage and report both groups and individual users. You can setup groups the differentiate between office locations, departments, job functions or to combine them.

For more information about ALM PRO+ visit this link.