Custom TABs in Cisco Jabber

Custom TABs in Cisco Jabber

Custom TABs in Cisco Jabber

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This document describes the steps to configure custom TABs in Cisco Jabber. These custom TABS allow a Cisco Jabber user to easily Logon or Logoff from their Cisco IP Phone, increasing UX (User Experience) and reachability and providing the user a simple interface within Cisco Jabber.

TABs in Jabber

When creating a custom TAB within Cisco Jabber it allows a user to add additional external functions or features to the Cisco Jabber client.
ALM can now be used to integrate with Cisco Jabber using these Custom TAB’s.

To add a custom TAB, follow these steps:

  1. In Cisco Jabber:
    Select File > New > Custom Tab

  2. In the Create new custom tab dialog window, complete the following fields:

    1. Tab name:
    2. Sample Page URL:
      Enter the following URL for the custom ALM tab.

      1. file:// C:\Program Files (x86)\ALM – Automatic Login Module\ALMLoginLogoutSample.html

In this example, we have already created a local content file which can be used. This Sample file is in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86) \ALM – Automatic Login Module

When pointing the custom TAB to this specific file a user can now easily logon or logoff from their Cisco IP Phone using ALM.

The ALMLoginLogoutSample.html is a standard html coded file and can easily be modified to specific customer or user’s needs.

The used triggers are:

Alm:login à by using this trigger ALM will Login the user to the Phone

alm:logout à by using this trigger ALM will Logout the user from the Phone

These triggers can be used in other applications as well.