Custom TABs in Cisco Jabber

Custom TABs in Cisco Jabber

Custom TABs in Cisco Jabber

This document describes the steps to configure custom TABs in Cisco Jabber. These custom TABS allow a Cisco Jabber user to easily Logon or Logoff from their Cisco IP Phone, increasing UX (User Experience) and reachability and providing the user a simple interface within Cisco Jabber.

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TABs in Jabber

When creating a custom TAB within Cisco Jabber it allows a user to add additional external functions or features to the Cisco Jabber client.
ALM can now be used to integrate with Cisco Jabber using these Custom TAB’s.

To add a custom TAB, follow these steps:

  1. In Cisco Jabber:
    Select File > New > Custom Tab

  2. In the Create new custom tab dialog window, complete the following fields:

    1. Tab name:
    2. Sample Page URL:
      Enter the following URL for the custom ALM tab.

      1. file:// C:\Program Files (x86)\ALM – Automatic Login Module\ALMLoginLogoutSample.html

In this example, we have already created a local content file which can be used. This Sample file is in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86) \ALM – Automatic Login Module

When pointing the custom TAB to this specific file a user can now easily logon or logoff from their Cisco IP Phone using ALM.

The ALMLoginLogoutSample.html is a standard html coded file and can easily be modified to specific customer or user’s needs.

The used triggers are:

Alm:login à by using this trigger ALM will Login the user to the Phone

alm:logout à by using this trigger ALM will Logout the user from the Phone

These triggers can be used in other applications as well.