ALM advanced deployment guide

ALM advanced deployment guide

ALM advanced deployment guide

ALM Advanced Deployment

The installation of ALM has always been very straightforward. But within large organisations there is often a need to have more control over the method of deploying ALM.

Therefore, we have added several enhancements to the ALM installation procedure to allow custom installation of the ALM PRO software, configuration settings and License file.


To benefit from the enhanced installation features of ALM follow the steps below:

> Step 1

  1. Download the ALM software from the [software] section from the RSconnect Customer Service Centre (CSC)
    2. Forgot password ? Click the [forgot password] link
  2. Download the appropriate license file from the [License] section
  3. Extract the setup file and the license file in the same directory
    1. Make sure the license file is named almmodule.lic
    2. Run the installation on the local machine and verify the license in the About menu

> Step 2

  1. Generate a customer specific settings file
    1. run ALM as an administrator
    2. double click ALM from the system tray
    3. click the Options/Admin menu
    4. configure the required settings
    5. Open the Export TAB, click the Export button to store the configuration in a settings file
  2. Store the settings file in the same directory as the other two files
    1. make sure the settings file is named almsettings.txt
    2. The folder should now list 3 files
      • exe
      • lic
      • txt


Now when you start the ALM setup manually or via a scripted installation ALM setup will use the files located in the same source directory and will deploy and apply them during the installation process.