Log off your Cisco phone – use WiFi

Log off your Cisco phone – use WiFi

Improve reachability using WiFi

Many employers acknowledge the importance of Reachability at the office. Companies that use Active Login Manager (ALM) already agree that their Reachability has improved. To maximize your Reachability ALM includes a unique WiFi option that allows seamless logon and logoff of your connected Laptop when unplugging the network cable or undocking your device.  


How does the WiFi log off option work?

  • When your laptop is connected using a LAN cable or (USB-)docking station your Phone will automatically log on when you login to your PC
  • When you unplug your network cable or docking station without a proper logoff, your laptop has lost network connectivity with the phone
  • However if your laptop is equipped and configured with a WiFi connection there is an ALM option to logoff your phone anyway after your physical LAN connected is cut
  • As a result ALM is able to logoff your Cisco phone gracefully even when not connected to your dockingstation or LAN cable anymore.

Benefits of WiFi log off

  • When logged off you have the option to forward any incoming calls to your mobile, voicemail or the central reception untill you plugin your laptop again
  • Your phone won’t ring unneccesarily when you’re away for meetings, lunch or otherwise.
  • When your laptop is plugged into another Cisco IP phone, it will logon that phone instead and your EM profile will travel with you.