Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun is an agri-industrial group firmly rooted in the primary sector. The businesses that belong to Cosun are Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Suiker Unie, SVZ and Cosun Biobased Products. They produce food ingredients and products that make their way to the food industry, foodservice sector and retail channels. In addition, the group is increasingly focusing on components for non-food applications.

Cosun’s ambition is to get the most out of its raw materials: this is good for the environment, profitability and meets society’s demand for responsible products and production methods. The Cosun businesses also supply products to the animal feed sector and residual products are used to produce biogas.


Royal Cosun operates from multiple locations. Besides Cosun HQ, also Aviko, Sensus, Suiker Unie and Cosun Biobased Products have their own locations. Royal Cosun makes use of a Cisco telephony network solution. Since many phones are set to flex connect, users can log in to them and use their personal number wherever they are.

There are some disadvantages to this. Sometimes users forget to log in. Since both username and pin have to be entered via the telephone keypad, there are also users who find it too much work or too difficult and therefore do not log in. Also, when people log off from their computer, they often forget to log off from the phone. In those cases, receptionists still think they are at their desk. Royal Cosun searched for a solution to solve these problems.


RSconnect provided the Active Login Manager Single Sign On (SSO) solution to solve the issues mentioned. The ALM client was pushed to all computers and didn’t require any administrator or technical skills. After the software is implemented on a laptop or PC, the user can use his or her desktop telephone 30 seconds after he or she logged in to the pc or laptop. Logging into the desktop telephone isn’t necessary anymore. When a user leaves his desktop, the phone is automatically logged off.


The Active Login Manager makes it easy for users to use the Cisco desktop telephones. There is no burdensome login procedure anymore. As such, it significantly improves the reachability and user satisfaction.

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