Established in June 2015, ForViva has brought together City West Housing Trust, ForHousing  & Villages Housing Association and construction company ForWorks under a group structure. The group owns and manages 29,500 homes across the North West.

The ForViva objective is to deliver excellent and innovative services for communities. ForViva is a forward-thinking social organisation that positively impacts communities, working with a wide range of like-minded partners to deliver excellent services that people can trust. The ForViva vision is for improved lives and the vision reflects this.  It applies right across communities, customers and staff.

Creating resourceful and empowered communities and enabling people to reach their potential is at the heart of everything ForViva does. ForViva has big plans but they don’t focus simply on what they do – how they do it is equally important. The priorities are underpinned by clear values, embedded in how they approach what they do every single day;  Passion, Openness, Respect and Trust.


ForViva is an organization with a strong agile working ethos. The Group promote agile working across the offices of Group members.  ForViva does steer away from fixed desks as such; a desk booking system is effectively utilised, within relevant service areas (ICT, HR, Finance).

Extension Mobility is used in conjunction with Cisco Call Manager to make it possible for staff to use their assigned telephone extension and settings from any desk. ForViva was looking for a solution to automate the login of telephones, in conjunction with the desktop.


RSconnect delivered the Active Login Manager Single Sign-On (SSO) solution to solve this issue. The client software could be installed within 30 seconds at a workspace and didn’t require any administrator or technical skills. After the software is implemented on a laptop or PC, ForViva staff can use their desktop telephones immediately after they log into their computer. Logging into the desktop telephone manually  is no longer needed.

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